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Apr. 14th, 2017

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Y hello thar!

Short term résumé: broke small bone in ankle walking uphill in the dark on the way home to holiday chalet, last night of Laugharne Weekend, Sunday evening. Crutches, big grey moonboot, really not all that bad, but... PITA in various ways. Never broken owt but me nose before, or had need of a (literal) crutch, so this level of restricted mobility is a new one.

In pressing need of a web based notebook where I couldn't inadvertantly give my mother cause for concern (she's easily alarmed, v. good at misreading, and has keys to my house: all of which can be less than convenient, however lovely and well meaning she is), I hankered after a familiar platform I'd be able to use, but was all too aware that the FASCIST PIGDOGS had taken over the asylum.

Had been intending to migrate all my old memories n stuff over here anyway, and have been intending to get back to LJing since the year dot; but this has given me a kick to at least register an account. Will take me a lot longer to figure out how it all works, and to add all the people I hope are still out here, somewhere (hell, you should have seen how long it took me to get out of the shower this evening!).

If you stumble across me in the interim, do consider yourself welcome to add me, however; and don't take it personally if I suddenly disappear without trace. Girl can only cope with so many social media accounts and so much life at any given time, even with the best of intentions...

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* tall stool (for shower, kitchen action)
* vacuum (less pressing, but more sucking, haw haw haw...)
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* fake Shreddies
* fizzy water
* sodgidiz
* sore throat stuff (for the love of God, my mother mustn't find out I've got a cold as WELL as a broken bone, or she'll be calling in Harley Street. It's not a bad cold)
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Oh, modern world. So many slightly/wildly different passwords to recall for so many specific reasons.

I take it there are no Dreamwidth apps? Have had a quick look to no avail, but head a bit too achy/mind a bit too plate spinny to be certain I wasn't making some sort of Basic Error on that front.

In further no-idea-what-I'm-doing-here, help-a-sister-out news: do please let me know of any old pals or new whose writings I could be enjoying in this here corner of the internet. Would be fab to have some other reading matter/dwing examples to help me get a clue of how to use this thing (not to mention how I *could* be using it!)

Right, Ben Wheatley's High Rise starting on Film4 now. Not seen it before. Try to focus, Jackson.
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