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*a lie. Well, the bit about it being exciting is, anyway.


I had my 1 week follow up appointment at the Trauma Clinic last Thursday (20th), followed by a brief Mum visit (21st) and sister J's birthday (22nd), so what w/ trying to get things posted and birthday calls made an' all, stuff's been pretty busy. Also daily phone calls from Mum and sister which, although well meant, is getting a bit... much. Cos, y'know, I've been lying on a sofa/bed all day elevating my foot!! I have nearly naff all to report, apart from discussing radio/tv you haven't been watching!!! 

Aaaaannyway. Here are the notes I made immediately after the Trauma Clinic appointment, as originally posted in a series of Facebook comment and subsequently a bit of a faff to locate when required (to make sure I'm doing everything right).


Okay. It's not the broken bone that's the trouble so much as the damage to ligament it's attached to. Won't need an op or owt, but need to take care of it now to prevent twisting injuries in the future. Waiting to see physio now

Also need to put it up more cos still swelling that needs to come down. And to keep up with the moonboot. And to... moisturise, apparently?! (bituva cheek!!  ).


Nice physio checked it all out again, reckoned it's doing well, gave me some exercises:

* Flexing/rotating foot/ankle while seated with a scarf/sling wrapped around it for resistance

* Standing up straight against counter with no boot - balancing on one foot, removing arm support
* Ditto, but both feet on ground, rising to toes

Walk as normally as possible​ (not on tippy toes etc).

Try walking round house without boot.

No need to sleep in it (yay!).

Generally operate as pain permits. Don't sit around terrified to move, but don't do anything that takes me to more than the edge of pain.

Should get a letter thru from Outpatients Physio with a number to call for appt - if nothing comes thru within fortnight chase it up myself (have slip with details from Physio I've just seen).

Those appts would probably be at CRI, but that outpatients dept is shortly (beginning of June?) moving to what used to be the STAR centre, so I might have a couple in one, couple in the other. Dead helpful.

No dancing for a while yet. Boooooooo.


I think maybe the doctor who mentioned moisturising my foot/ankle might actually have been trying to say that massaging it would be good for the muscles or what have you? and that trying to work in moisturiser is as good a way of doing that as any other. But not 100% on that. 

Swelling has gone down some more since I focussed myself on spending long boring hours lying back with my leg in the air (swollen ankle/foot needs to be higher than the heart, so I can't get away with sitting down with my foot up - not quite limber enough to get it higher than my heart that way).

Yeah, my life is really, really interesting right now, haha!!  Apologies if you're reading this. Since typing the previous sentence I've been Facetimed by both my mother and my sis/four year old nephew. Jim the dog barked almost constantly throughout the latter convo, thanks to various people at the door, Alec sent me (in the phone) spinning around and around, and sis vented vehemently about how whiny he'd been all day. I feel like I need another lie down after that.

Okay, Branwell now sitting in front of approx 2/3 of the monitor, so I'm going to abandon post at this point and see what it is he wants of me.

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* it's your sister's birthday on Saturday!! Make/post some stuff!!!!

* there was definitely something else, damnit

* oh yeah! Phone Glamorgan Fed office to check all in hand for Liverpool/ask what to expect paperwork wise/what to chase up sec for

* just phone them. It won't be so scary

* have a notebook and pencil ready

* but PHONE THEM!!!

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Not having much* luck importing stuff over from LJ :-/ Not sure if it's cos the site's already overloaded with droves of dismayed sometime diarists, or if it's through some fault of my own.

Have had to wade through lots of WI** paperwork the last 48 hours or so, trying to find answers to someone else's urgent questions - my Lawd, that got stressful, but ultimately cheering, because guess what?? As a result, I had to turn to the internet, where I discovered:

As our local delegate, I get an all expenses paid, two nights away trip to Liverpool to argue the toss with several thousand women at the National Federation of Women's Institutes' Annual Meeting in a couple of months time, yippeeeeeee!!! With guest speaker Susie Dent, of lexicography, etymology and Countdown fame: RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. Add into all that the fact that a large part of my heart belongs to the north of England, but I haven't made it north of Wolvo since 2004; and that I'll be doing so 'under my own steam' (ie without having to beg favours or financial assistance off family members), and this all makes me feel really thrilled with my recent progress, confidence and mental health wise. And a lot of that's undeniably down to WI, and the support and strength I've found at my particular Institute.

So yeah, I was all yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LIVERPOOL HERE I COME!!!! till a couple of hours ago, when *some*one called a general election for the day after the Annual Meeting. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhh. So this could turn out to be a real test of my manners, shall we say. WI women can be kind and supportive and funny, but a fair few of 'em can also be kneejerk rightwingers. And by then, feelings will be running high. And I'll probably be having to share a bedroom with someone chosen at random.

Fun fun fun!!

Feeling surprisingly calm and optimistic, still, however, though I'm sure this will be tested across the next couple of months. Well, the sun's out.

Should probably try to crutch it out of the house for a bit before it goes back in again, even if only as far as the postbox.

God, it's a relief to be able to write like this again, without faffing around with filters and the like.

* * *


* one crutch good, two crutches better
* grabbing stick as well = even better
* take at least one sock into bathroom
* put sock and right leg of trews on BEFORE pneumatic moonboot
* you will get very tired, standing on one leg in shower, and negotiating yr carcass in and out of bath and onto/down from one good leg; so if there's anything you can do beforehand, DO IT beforehand

**Women's Institute, rather than TV's Wisconsin
Apr. 16th, 2017 05:12 am

To do

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* locate red biro
* find WI Echo Arena stuff (Pam needs to know)
* find some way of watching Easter Parade before season is out
* make list of what Dad can usefully do for me (grab rails for landing and bathroom, rubberfooted stool/chair for bath)
* watch Dr Who before it falls off the other end of the timeghost
* watch Britain's Got Talent (Missing Person's Choir)
* <3 Facetime the younguns <3
* rip Theme Time Radio Hour CDs I secretly borrowed from Nen
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* all additional weight must be carried on back
* so rucksack = yr new handbag
* w/ a crutch in both hands, that's a faff to access
* so best to be wearing clothes w/ pockets for essentials e.g.

----> cash, keys, phone, bus pass, lip balm, tissues, water (crutching is more tiring than you expect)
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Oh, modern world. So many slightly/wildly different passwords to recall for so many specific reasons.

I take it there are no Dreamwidth apps? Have had a quick look to no avail, but head a bit too achy/mind a bit too plate spinny to be certain I wasn't making some sort of Basic Error on that front.

In further no-idea-what-I'm-doing-here, help-a-sister-out news: do please let me know of any old pals or new whose writings I could be enjoying in this here corner of the internet. Would be fab to have some other reading matter/dwing examples to help me get a clue of how to use this thing (not to mention how I *could* be using it!)

Right, Ben Wheatley's High Rise starting on Film4 now. Not seen it before. Try to focus, Jackson.
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* fake Shreddies
* fizzy water
* sodgidiz
* sore throat stuff (for the love of God, my mother mustn't find out I've got a cold as WELL as a broken bone, or she'll be calling in Harley Street. It's not a bad cold)
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* tall stool (for shower, kitchen action)
* vacuum (less pressing, but more sucking, haw haw haw...)
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Y hello thar!

Short term résumé: broke small bone in ankle walking uphill in the dark on the way home to holiday chalet, last night of Laugharne Weekend, Sunday evening. Crutches, big grey moonboot, really not all that bad, but... PITA in various ways. Never broken owt but me nose before, or had need of a (literal) crutch, so this level of restricted mobility is a new one.

In pressing need of a web based notebook where I couldn't inadvertantly give my mother cause for concern (she's easily alarmed, v. good at misreading, and has keys to my house: all of which can be less than convenient, however lovely and well meaning she is), I hankered after a familiar platform I'd be able to use, but was all too aware that the FASCIST PIGDOGS had taken over the asylum.

Had been intending to migrate all my old memories n stuff over here anyway, and have been intending to get back to LJing since the year dot; but this has given me a kick to at least register an account. Will take me a lot longer to figure out how it all works, and to add all the people I hope are still out here, somewhere (hell, you should have seen how long it took me to get out of the shower this evening!).

If you stumble across me in the interim, do consider yourself welcome to add me, however; and don't take it personally if I suddenly disappear without trace. Girl can only cope with so many social media accounts and so much life at any given time, even with the best of intentions...

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